About Us

Teamwork Arts Pvt Ltd, a revered entity with a three-decade legacy, is renowned for its multifaceted expertise spanning performing arts, social initiatives, and corporate engagements. Pioneering the presentation of Indian talent worldwide, it orchestrates festivals, produces documentaries, and manages artists, fostering a thriving arts ecosystem. Notably, it dominates the live arts sector, curating culturally rich experiences that resonate globally. 

In parallel, Tulsea emerged as a strategic powerhouse in talent and content management, operating from Mumbai to Los Angeles. With an illustrious clientele encompassing writers, directors, actors, and more, Tulsea spearheads the representation of India's finest content creators. Beyond talent management, it provides invaluable advisory services in media, entertainment, and technology domains, firmly establishing itself as a titan in the realm of media entertainment.

These two behemoths of the arts world join forces and collaborate to curate a dynamic duo showcasing the best of musical talent across genres. From the classical to the contemporary, this partnership celebrates the vibrant voices and creativity that define the Indian music circuit. Together, they provide a 360-degree experience for artistes, covering live arts and media entertainment, ensuring holistic support and exposure. Experience the fusion of artistry and innovation as Teamwork Arts and Tulsea unite to elevate the essence of music in India to new heights.

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