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We represent a diverse group artistes showcasing the best of talent from across genres. Our repertoire of artistes are jointly represented by Teamwork Arts Pvt Ltd and Tulsea.


About Us

Teamwork Arts is a highly versatile production company with roots in the performing arts, social action, and the corporate world. For over 30 years, Teamwork Arts has taken India to the world and brought the world to India, presenting the finest of Indian performers, writers, change makers and visual artistes in the knowledge and arts space in India and abroad.

In parallel, Tulsea emerged as a strategic powerhouse in talent and content management, operating from Mumbai to Los Angeles. With an illustrious clientele encompassing writers, directors, actors, and more, Tulsea spearheads the representation of India's finest content creators. Beyond talent management, it provides invaluable advisory services in media, entertainment, and technology domains, firmly establishing itself as a titan in the realm of media entertainment.

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